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At LaVan Law, we provide comprehensive business and legal experience to companies throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Managing Partner Julie LaVan worked in the corporate world before opening the practice. She was personally involved in successful efforts to transform a private company into a publicly-traded entity and still serves as General Counsel of a privately-held company. The Firm understands the complex issues that businesses and business owners face every day and is well equipped to help clients take preemptive measures to protect their interests.

In recognition of our dedication to excellence in legal representation, attorney Julie LaVan was named 2011 Top Attorney by South Jersey Magazine. To schedule a meeting, contact our office online or call us at 609-593-0000.

Our Practice Areas

We focus our representation on the needs of businesses and business owners, handling issues related to:

  • Business Transactions, including business formation, business contracts, and shareholder matters.
  • Business Litigation, representing businesses and business owners as plaintiffs or defendants in a wide range of disputes, from breach of contract and collections to employment actions and shareholder/partnership disagreements
  • Labor and Employment Law, such as employment contracts or union issues, as well as work-related disputes, including wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment. Most of our work is on behalf of employers.

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LaVan Law

LaVan Law

Moorestown, New Jersey

LaVan Law provides skilled legal services to businesses and business owners to help them avoid issues which are distracting to operating their enterprises. The firm dedicates itself to helping clients successfully navigate the labyrinth of laws and regulations that can often derail a business's success.


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Home improvement contractors in New Jersey must meet certain requirements in their contracts or they are subject to harsh civil liability.  Many contractors think that if they perform their work to the best of their abilities they will be insulated from lawsuits and claims.  This could not be further from the home improvement contractors’ reality in New Jersey.  Too many contractors are unaware that the failure to include certain pieces of information in their contracts can lead to a lawsuit and the award of damages against them. New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act mandates that home improvement contractors meet certain contractual requirements when dealing with residential property owners.  Contracts must include not only the legal name of the construction firm, but also the name of the individual who represented the company in negotiating the contract.  Contracts must specify the type and quality of materials used in the project.  In addition to…

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Why you need an Arbitration Provision

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Although arbitration clauses are commonplace in employment agreements, not all are created equal. For many businesses, arbitration provides a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to litigation. However, as the New Jersey Supreme Court recently said, an arbitration clause that fails to present arbitration as an employee’s only recourse does not preclude a lawsuit. Even though courts generally favor arbitration to litigation, a vague arbitration provision is not enforceable. In fact, the New Jersey Supreme Court said such clauses must inform an employee that he or she is waiving his or her right to sue in court. In light of this recent decision, it becomes important business owners consult a competent and experienced attorney to draft employment agreements with binding arbitration provisions. LaVan Law provides its business clients years of experience in labor and employment issues. If you need assistance drafting employment-related documents or simply need to update existing employment manuals, please…

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Buying a Business in New Jersey?

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Buying a Business in New Jersey? If you are interested in purchasing a business, there are a number of issues bound to arise during the negotiation stage. However, preparation of a letter of intent and the timely advice of legal counsel can help to ease negotiations and expedite the purchase process. Interested parties should always work to create a letter of intent, or term sheet, to outline and identify the initial terms and conditions important to the parties in the purchase. A letter of intent should always include the purchase price and the assets to be sold and may even explore certain binding provisions, such as non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. Once signed by the parties, a letter of intent helps the transaction proceed smoothly and eliminates the potential for parties to insert terms and conditions not previously contemplated. With the terms and conditions explicit in the letter of intent, counsel…

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Business Transactions

Whether you are planning to start a new business enterprise or looking to expand an existing commercial entity, you want an experienced attorney to guide you through the process. The choices you make can be critical to your company’s success, with potential tax and liability issues having a significant impact on your bottom line. You want a lawyer who knows and understands the challenges that business owners face.

Business Litigation

We represent businesses and business owners as plaintiffs or defendants in a wide range of disputes, including cases involving allegations of breach of contract, potential officer or director liability,shareholder or partnership controversies, Collections, Employment disputes — We protect the rights of businesses in disagreements with former or existing employees, handling cases involving breach of employment agreement, wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment or retaliatory discharge.

Labor and Employment

We focus our labor and employment law practice primarily on the needs of employers, but will represent employees on a case-by-case basis. We offer a broad range of services to employers, handling matters involving the negotiation, review and preparation of employment or consulting agreements, including non-compete or confidentiality contracts, the protection of employers in collective bargaining or union disputes as well as wage and hour issues.

Environmental Law

We provide comprehensive counsel to businesses and business owners when there are concerns about meeting environmental laws or regulations. We handle all matters related to compliance with regulations, preparing and filing all necessary documentation to meet state or federal guidelines, and acting as your advocate with administrative agencies or in court, as necessary.

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